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Why Trump Will Win

It was November 2016 and Seattle was gearing up for the election. Parties were being planned and people were already celebrating because it seems to be the general consensus that Hilary Clinton is going to win. The first woman President of the United States is a huge deal, especially in a liberal city like Seattle.

I managed to annoy a few people by telling them that Donald Trump has a good chance of winning. I gave him a 50/50 chance. No one wanted to hear it, so I finally shut up.

Side Note: I voted for Clinton, not because she’s a woman but because she was the most experienced. I don’t think she would have made things that much better, but at least it would have been business as usual until we can figure out a good solution. Both Trump and Sanders are a little too crazy for my tastes.

Election night. A bunch of people are at parties, waiting for the results to come in. Results that they are already convinced of. The excitement was palpable.

I said a little prayer and went to bed early knowing that the morning would tell me the truth. I’m anxious as it is, and I don’t need that kind of excitement.

The next morning, I woke up, went right to my computer, crossed my fingers, and looked up the results.

Donald Trump was the new President of the United States. Okay…

OMG, you would have thought the world had come to an end in Seattle. People were crying and screaming. Pulling their hair out. They were completely traumatized. Why? Because they didn’t allow the possibility of losing to cross their minds. Hell, we had a year of protests, if I’m remembering correctly. Every single day was a protest somewhere. And it never really stopped.

It has been a long four years.

My Prediction

It’s 2020, and it’s happening again. People are assuming that Donald Trump is out of there. They are so excited. Many people just didn’t learn the lessons of 2016.

And, like in 2016, they are going to be wrong, and they won’t see it coming.

I’m going make a prediction. Now, it would be lovely if I was wrong, and I would cheerfully eat crow if I am. But I don’t think I’m wrong.


I predict that Donald Trump will win the 2020 election. And it will be a close election like 2016.

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, I will explain. Don’t get your panties in a wad.

The Assumption

Currently, the popular assumption is that Donald Trump will lose and there are several reasons for this assumption:

  • He’s been a…problematic President
  • Many conservatives know he’s a problematic President and don’t like him (although many do)

Now, on the surface, it seems reasonable to assume that if most of the people don’t like him, they won’t vote for him.

This is faulty thinking.

The conservatives are all about exercising their rights. They are going to go to the polls, or mail in their ballot, and they are going to pick the candidate that they feel is the best candidate of the choices given. They are going to choose between Trump and Biden.

In this election, the choice is really who you like the least. There are two main variables to this.


I live in a liberal city. People want President Trump out. But people are not talking about Biden. There’s no sense of excitement for Biden. I have only seen one sign in a yard for Biden, and it’s a rather clever sign that can be taken in several ways.

Bye Don…Biden

Biden is not a compelling candidate. No one seems to care.

Add to that the fact that, like the liberals, the conservatives have been fed all sorts of nonsense. I know conservatives who have been fed so much nonsense about Biden that they are scared of him.

Fear does funny things to people, just look at the crazy protesters in Seattle.

Will they vote for a candidate they fear just to get rid of a candidate they don’t like?

Sometimes the known is less scary than the unknown.

But even if they do consider Biden, there’s another variable to throw into the mix…

The Protests

I have been talking a quite a few conservatives about the protests. The basic question they all ask is: WTF?

I have tried to spin it. I talk about fear and what it can do to people. I talk about mob mentality. I talk about the nonsense that the liberals are being fed to spur on the fear. The desire to finally put an end to racism and police brutality. The need to feel like they have agency in their lives.

It’s hard for me to do because I don’t condone the violence myself.

They keep insisting they are peaceful yet: people have been killed, a woman was raped, several people have been hospitalized, businesses have been destroyed, cops killed, cars firebombed, graffiti thrown about, and buildings set on fire. Protesters have gone to people’s home to threaten them and their families for not agreeing with them. Tuesday, they went back to the Chief of Police’s home with a truckful of bricks. I don’t think they threw the bricks, but they intended to. Why else would they bring them? Neighbors were scared for their lives and the lives of their children.

Elected officials have been a part of this madness. Mayor Durkan and Police Chief Best have been doing their best to bring some sanity to the whole thing and the other elected officials have attacked them for it.

Side Note: The elected officials who have been running wild with the protesters will be voted out of office in the next election. The protesters are not the majority.

People have been attacked for voting for President Trump. People have been attacked for voicing their opinions. People have been forcibly stopped by protesters and not allowed to continue unless they verbally agree with them, and the protesters cry foul when they try to drive through them. I’m afraid I’m going to be attacked for telling the truth.

And don’t get me started on social media. Do you the kind of things the conservatives have been seeing?

This one got me so upset I had to find out if was true. All true except for the death. The guy lived.

So, what do the conservatives see when they watch the protests? Let’s take a look…

  • No respect for family or home or the right to defend both
  • No respect for police
  • No respect for neighbors
  • No respect for business (big or small)
  • No respect for property (personal or public)
  • No respect for the right to vote
  • No respect for democracy
  • No respect for The United States

Let me ask you a question:

Do you really think they are going to vote for a candidate that is supported by these types of people?

People have already been telling me that they have no choice, really. They are in a really hard spot. It’s painful. Even though they don’t like him, they are going to vote for Donald Trump. They figure he has to be better than what the liberals are offering.

Can you really blame them? I know that the world the protesters are creating is not something I want to live in. I’ve been downtown. I’ve seen the destruction.

Deep down, I believe the election is already over.

A Miracle?

A few people are starting to wake up to this truth. Or at least part of this truth. I have a musician friend, Alek, who has put out a video imploring his fans to think about the election. He has tried to get them to understand the importance. But I could tell by his voice, that maybe subconsciously, he knows it’s over already. Other people are also starting to speak up. But, maybe it’s too late.

It would take a miracle to oust President Trump.

It would take every democrat. Every democrat needs to vote, and they all need to vote for Biden. It’s the only way.

But what are the odds…

I’ve already gotten messages from people asking me to write in Bernie Sanders. (Disrespecting his right to back out of the race.)

And, unlike the conservatives, liberals don’t always vote. Either they’re mad because their candidate isn’t running, or they think their vote isn’t going to count. Or they don’t understand that sometimes an election is not about who you want, it’s about who you don’t want.

Clinton should have won in 2016. If the liberals had all voted, she would have. It was that close a race. But no, a huge percentage of liberals didn’t bother to vote, and many of those that did wrote in Bernie Sanders.

Now, people are assuming that Donald Trump is going to lose. They aren’t even bothering campaigning as citizens; they are so certain he is going to lose.

And they will be wrong, again.

Side Note: I can’t take another four years of madness. I’m heading out of Seattle, either September or October. Things are really bad now, what’s it going to be like in November? I might stay if the majority had it in them to organize and put a stop to all of this. But Seattle is full of betas. There are not a lot of alpha dogs in this city. Hell, I haven’t dated in over 15 years because I go for alphas. The only alpha I’ve met who I’d go for is still emotionally attached to his Ex. I’m going to Omaha until the pandemic calms down and The Second City opens back up for physical classes. Then I’m going to Chicago.

Aftermath Prediction

November will come. Donald Trump will win, again. Cities like Seattle will lose their minds and start protesting and rioting even worse than they’ve been doing already. The rest of the world will see it get even more out of control.

Since the election is over, and Trump won, he’ll be free to make an ultimatum. “Fix your city or I will.” And he’ll be much freer to act on it.

It is time stop the madness now. You don’t want to know what I predict will come next…