My Noodle

Voice Over Woes

I’m sitting here staring at my voice over booth. Yeah, I have a booth. No money coming in but by God I have a booth! As I sit here, I’m wondering what the hell am I’m doing!

This is feeling a bit out of control.

I keep telling myself, “Karin, you still have four core classes to complete, you don’t need to get all anxious about all of this.” Do I listen? Am I open to words of wisdom? Of course not! I’m just as much a dumbass as everyone else on this crazed planet! Just because I’m aware of it doesn’t make it go away!

So, I’m going to whine a bit here about it all. And maybe that will make me feel better.

I Have a Booth

Yep, I have a booth. Other people I know in Seattle don’t have a booth, they’re working in their closets or hiding under blankets. I feel a bit of a disconnect from them.

It seems that the VO artists in Seattle are not doing their own post-production on their jobs and are instead still traveling to places to work. Here in Seattle, you can end up in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. On one of the agent’s websites there is a requirement that you have a decent car so you can get places.

I don’t have a car.

The message I got from my school, Voice One, is that the world is changing to VO artists doing their own post-production and the need to have a decent setup. I’m told that 90% of your work can be done from home if you’re setup properly. I’m even taking classes to help me get set up.

I got the booth so that I could work from home.

I also got the booth because it feels like I’m working toward becoming a legitimate business owner who provides a service. Hiding in the closet feels like just putting a foot in the door. Having a booth in my living room feels like a commitment. Plus, I like to get really physical when I work. I’d end up breaking something trying to be physical in a closet. Not that I have a suitable closet in the first place.

Booth Regret

Not only do I have a booth, but I’m also suffering from a bit of “Booth Regret”.

My booth is a structure that uses those audio blankets. I have blankets on all six sides. It’s not too bad. I can stand up and wave my arms around in it. I don’t feel constrained, too much.

But it doesn’t filter out everything and just yesterday I realized there is another problem. It’s becoming the rainy season here in Seattle and the car noises have increased with the addition of the water sounds.

Now I’m looking at all these windows, which seemed like a plus when I moved in, and thinking “do I really have to get a bunch of blankets to cover all these windows?” And do they have to be audio blankets or will moving blankets work?

When I made the decision about my booth, I was trying to get what I need at a reasonable price. Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have sprung for a better quality booth.

Editing Woes

A big part of the booth angst is that if you don’t have things set up properly, you end up having to rely on editing to get a good take.  It’s much easier if your physical space, and your voice, are up to snuff in the first place.

So, I’m learning to become an audio engineer.

The question becomes, how much editing should really occur if I do have a good take? Am I overdoing it? Am I not hearing things that I should be hearing?

Add in the fact that the ringing in my ears sometimes keeps me from hearing the audio well, I’ve got a problem.

And I’ve noticed that my mouth clicks. What the fuck now?

Now I have to deal with mouth clicks. It could be dehydration. Or candida. I am a chocoholic who took way too many antibiotics when I was younger. It’s a chronic problem. But at the end of the day, the fucking mouth clicks are driving me nuts.

I’m not the only one. On the Crackbook VO group people keep asking about it. There’s mouth de-clicking software that can be added to various editing packages but that would require me to buy an editing package that supports it rather than use Ocenaudio.

I really need to keep costs down you know.

Plus, I’d really like my mouth to just quit the fucking clicking in the first place! It’s so irritating!

Performative Takes

Then comes the issue with Karin having a tendency to work performatively. I come from a stand-up comedy and stage background. I can get big.

My teachers keep getting after me about it in class. But does all that naughtying change anything? Of course not!

Now I can see it for myself when I’m practicing with my booth. I know what my editing wavelengths look like when I’m being performative.

I keep telling myself, “Karin, you know that you have a hard time with film acting due to this issue. This is a great practice to help you get out of it.”

But it’s so irritating!

The Business Side

Then I have to have the business side set up. An accounting system, a CRM, and a website. I have to ensure I’m paying my taxes and fees correctly. I need marketing materials and agents. Maybe even a CPA.

Last week I finally sat down and did research on what I need for taxes and fees, and I think I have that straightened out.

I need a demo.

A VO friend here in Seattle is working without a demo but I’m coming out of Voice One. I think I need a demo. Once you finish the program at Voice One, I think they help you put together a demo. But that won’t be till next year. What if I want a demo now? A starter demo?

I wonder if there is a LinkedIn Learning class on how to edit radio spots.


Point Is…

There are just so many things to think about. So much to learn. So much to decide.

It’s overwhelming.

I know, I know, one step at a time.

I have my accounting system set up, sort of. I’m designing my website as we speak. I’m taking my classes.

I’m going to get a one-on-one with Jim Edgar of Voice One to help straighten out my booth setup.

I’ve got Amy Jo Berman’s Wicked Cool Confidence class on repeat in an effort to brainwash myself into not being so anxious.

And I need to calm down. CALM THE FUCK DOWN KARIN!

I was hoping to progress in this faster than I am. It feels like a need to me since I left my job in July and would like to have funds coming in. But I guess I may have to rethink my plan in that regard. Taking a short contract at the beginning of the year won’t hurt me. Especially if I have everything set up by then. Or as much as I can get set up.

Thanks for listening to me whine. I feel so much better now!