The Questions: Exploring Men and Women in the Context of Relationship

Here are the questions that were put forth by many of the participants of the event Exploring Men and Women in the Context of Relationship. It’s our hope that the dialog will continue. If you have questions to add, please use the comment function to add questions onto this list.


How do you know someone loves you?


What helps you feel safe in a relationship?


How do you know when to call it quits?


What makes for good communication and how do you embody it?


Discuss the balance of being an independent being and also being in a deep long term relationship.


What do you do when you are triggered by your partner?


What are your fears about relationships/opposite sex? Your triggers?
What are the attractors?


Discuss the balance of being an independent being and also being in a deep, long-term relationship?


How do you know whose stuff is whose?


How important is it to you to be compatible with your partner on the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual planes? What aspects of each do you desire to share and why?


What is sacred relationship?


How is personal growth integrated in relationship?


What does it mean to give and receive love without expectation of an outcome for ourselves? What role should expectations have in relationship?


What is the relationship between your deepest wounds and relationship?


Why be in a relationship at all?
What do you get from a relationship? How important is it?


What is the ONE thing that you seek most in relationship – i.e., the one greatest gift a good relationship gives to you (in 25 words or less)?


If you were to never have a relationship, how would you fill that need?


How do you decide if and when to commit to a relationship? What fears/desires do you work through in making that decision?


What’s most challenging about relationship? What do you love about being in relationship?


What is the most horrible thing a partner can do and why?
What is the best thing a partner can do and why?


What’s most important for a healthy relationship?


What does the term “relationship” mean to you?


Discuss forgiveness in the context of a relationship.


Name something similar about your relationship with yourself and your relationship with others.


What is your “bumper sticker/elevator pitch” metaphor for relationship?


Many people have special challenges – disease, convictions, past experiences, physical/mental issues. How do you view these in terms of relationship?


Do you live exposed or do you feel “appropriateness” on what you share with others or your significant other?


Speak about vulnerability and how it relates in relationship.


Why do some men fear stepping into the room of love with both feet?


How does one hear/handle critical input, that seems to be a negative judgment or conclusion about you, when they say they are “sharing their thoughts” only?


If one element of a relationship really fired for you, which would you choose it to be (physical, emotional, goals, etc.)?


Do men and women truly desire different things?


How do changing “centered-ness” (priorities) affect commitment/relationship?


Why monogamy? Why polyamory?


Do men (coming from the “outside” – i.e., not in the dance community) think that women who cuddle with them are “easy” or want to have sex with them?


How does a woman let a man know that she would want to date a man and still keep the man’s interest?


Why do women desire being chased even after they’ve already let us catch them?


What have you learned about the other gender or navigating relationships that has been beneficial?


What about relating to a partner or potential partner brings up in you a sense of vulnerability?


How do you handle conflict?


How do you handle boundaries?


What are you looking for in a partner?


Are you a living example of what you are looking for?


Are you flexible in relationship?


Are you a good communicator?


Can you listen? Can you hear criticism without it occurring as personal?