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The Last Elected American President

Warning: All of this is coming from my noodle, which believes everything is highly suspicious and also tends to believe in conspiracies. I know I have an over-active imagination. But I’ve seen too much in this life to not be the way I am. You have been warned.

Earlier this week, I’d posted something about being upset about Police Chief Best retiring. I feel that she’s done the “best” she could with what she had to work with, and that she had been greatly abused by the Seattle Council and the protesters.

A friend of mine saw that and lost his mind. He went on to rage about Best and the police force, even thinking he voted for Best and she didn’t live up to his expectations. (she was appointed). I could see that he was deeply mired in mob mentality. There is a lot of that going on.

It’s especially worrisome because he is a brilliant man and a social leader. He has deep knowledge of game theory and strategy. Now, I may be seeing conspiracies where there are none, but I’m flummoxed by the fact that he doesn’t see what I see.

Liberal Protests

From where I’m sitting, the Liberal protests have gotten completely out of hand. They have gone too far. And emotionally, they are out of control. They are so lost in their angst that they can’t have a serious conversation.

The crazed reactions that I have seen have been, I believe, disproportionate to what is actually happening. Somehow, the tragedy of George Floyd got translated into the SPD running around killing poor black folks with absolute impunity. Considering most cops never draw their weapon in their whole career, their reactions make me very suspicious.

I think the Liberals have been manipulated into falling into a mad frenzy.

Why? Why, Karin, would someone do such a thing?

Election Year

It is an election year, and not just any election year. We are at a crossroads. Many believe President Trump needs to be removed. Deep down, part of me thinks he would be happy to not get re-elected. The other part of me thinks we’re never getting rid of him. Many conservatives also want to remove him.

Let’s break it down…

Let’s say you are a Conservative Strategist and you know that your candidate is losing favor with his own party. What do you do?


To push the Conservatives back to supporting Donald Trump.


Create a situation that the Conservative cannot abide.


Use social media to create a situation in which many Liberals go nutso, threatening homes and families, attacking people, not respecting the police, and not respecting personal liberties. All things that Conservatives do not condone.


(breathe Karin)

I know many Conservatives who have switched back to supporting Donald Trump BECAUSE of the violence of the protesters.

The damage has been done. The protesters aren’t going to get their minds back soon enough, and they may never get their minds back.

The mind is so fragile.

Side Note: I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how people and their emotions and decisions can be manipulated. I’ve seen myself manipulated, even though I was on the alert. It scares the daylights out of me. I read too much.

The election is already over. My worry is much bigger.

The Last Elected President

I have heard people say that they will go completely berserk if Trump wins again. Considering they went crazy the last time he won, and they are assuming he’s gone this time, I believe them.

I am concerned that the protesters will go completely overboard, even more than they have been lately. That there will be deaths and other insanity. I don’t know where I’ll be come November, but I’m going to be stocked up and I’m hiding until it’s over.

I’m concerned that the Federal Government will be “forced” to “take action” in Seattle and other cities, in order to quell the craziness.

Even though it was (possibly) a strategy that created the madness, it will be the Liberals who are blamed for it. And guess what? They did let it happen.

Wake up!


(breathe Karin)

I believe the resulting madness will be used as an excuse to declare a “national emergency”. Once that happens, changes can be made to how we do things, in light of the madness.

What changes will be made? The two-party system is now so polarized that they can’t even work together when they are elected! They can’t get anything done because of all the fighting. The system doesn’t work. We need a new system.

What kind of system do you think we’ll end up with?

I believe that the two-party system will fall, and that Donald Trump will be our last elected president. We will end up with a Dictatorship.

At that point it won’t be just the Liberals going crazy, the Conservatives will go crazy too. A dictatorship is the last thing they want too.

The military will be deployed all over the U.S. to quell all of this, and to instill discipline. It will be civil war.

Sorry, Conservatives, the military has too many weapons. Your stockpiles are no match. But I don’t blame you for trying.

I’m not the only one who believes that this is possible. I’ve talked to many people who are worried about this.

People are easy to manipulate. It’s even easier to manipulate them because they don’t want to admit that they can be manipulated. Hell, you can go to school to learn how to do it. You can read a book.

Once manipulated, in order to protect their own ego and sense of self, people will adjust their thinking to match what they have been manipulated into doing. Read “Thinking: Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. No matter what evidence you provide, they will fight you.

We are at a crossroads, people. We are a fledgling country, and we are struggling. We are ripe for a takeover.

(breathe Karin)

I hope I’m just being all paranoid. I hope that this doesn’t happen. But I wouldn’t bet on it. Life was sure easier when I was a tunnel visioned egocentric idiot.

We are at a crossroads. If it happens, what will we do then?

Or, maybe I’m just being paranoid…