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Solo Show? Challenge Accepted

Only July 25, 2019, Sa-rah, from the Pocket Theater, put up a challenge to a group of people to put up a solo show in October. I wasn’t on the list… <sob> 

Actually I was.

Challenge accepted.

What the hell did I just do? I’m already stretched thin with trying to get this blog organized, dealing with the take-over of my company, oh and my acid reflux is back with a vengeance and is keeping me from getting any sleep. And when I do sleep, I have weird dreams. Tom Ellis from “Lucifer” trying to keep me from being an over-eager fan of Salt, from Salt and Peppa, who has decided to become a film director. The Devil had to hustle me out of her presence to keep me from embarrassing myself.

Although I love Salt and Peppa, I’m a little more interested in Tom…

My mind goes immediately to that acting teacher and the group of students who attacked me, causing no small amount of PTSD. Some things are hard to resolve, especially when the people involved have convinced themselves that they didn’t do anything wrong, and so no apologies have ever been said.

What the fuck do I do with that?

I’m inspired by Susan Lieu, a performance artist who used her one-woman show “140 LBS” to deal with her own trauma. I asked her, “Was it worth it?” She gave me a resounding “Yes!”

Challenge accepted.

I started brainstorming ideas. Man, my mind is a dark place. I need a therapist.

Uh, but Sa-rah posted her challenge in the Seattle Sketch Comedy group on Crackbook. Maybe my solo show is supposed to be funny? I mean I plan on putting humor into it, I plan on keeping the audience in mind as I write it, but I also plan on releasing some of my angst about the whole thing.

I should put it off. I’ll feel more comfortable about doing it later. Yes, I can put it off until later. I have a lot to do. Too much to do. I can take my time, really think about it. I could turn it into a book, or a short film. Maybe this is not the venue. Maybe it’s the wrong genre. Maybe it’s the wrong time. Maybe I need to go think about it for another 15 years.

Maybe my Noodle is scared to death and trying to sabotage me. Again…

There are a lot of Maybes going on here. Maybe I should come up with a list of Maybes that maybe are a bit more helpful.

  • Maybe my solo show doesn’t have to be a comedy
  • Maybe it doesn’t have to be perfect
  • Maybe all I need to do is connect with the audience and speak my truth
  • Maybe doing a 15-minute solo performance with 2 other artists won’t destroy me

Maybe I should shut up and go back to brainstorming. I only have 2 months!

Challenge Accepted!

Stay tuned! I’ll post the specifics when I know them.

And maybe it will be a comedy after all.