I Remember....

Karin’s Favorite Songs V1

I love different songs, and for a lot of different reasons. Each one that I love either reminds me of someone, makes me think of something, makes me feel something, or was in a movie or TV show that made me think of or feel something.  I thought I’d share some of them with you! And to encourage you to think about why you love the songs you love.

I’m not going to use names, if you think I’m talking about you, make a comment either on the site or on the Crackbook post. I’ll admit it… ?

Let’s get the top one out of the way. The one that is the “no duh” of the list. The one song that every woman who knows this man has for him, and he knows it.

Son of a Preacher Man

He’s one of my favorite men in the world. Charismatic, fun, handsome, aristocratic (literally), and the Son of a Preacher Man. His dad is a leader in the Russian Orthodox Church and I had the chance to briefly meet him at my friend’s wedding.

I had high hopes for this marriage. But he is a force of nature, and marriage did not tame him.

He came into my life when I needed a Wild Man. Even though both of our sets of friends were convinced that we were bad influences on each other, we both survived, hopefully for the better.

This is for you…

Magnet and Steel

This one is for an old friend who is no longer with us. A few years ago, he passed in what, I’m convinced, was suspicious circumstances. The last time I saw him, I was in my early teens.

He was the son of my mother’s best friend. Every year our families took turns making the 8-hour drive to visit for our vacations. Every year we had so much fun together! One year it was around Halloween and I remember my mother’s costume. She had balloons all over her body! Those trips were one of the highlights of my childhood.

One year, my friend (age 12) and I (age 13) decided we were going to figure out “the sex”. We had a lot of fun trying to figure it out but didn’t manage to accomplish the task, which in retrospect was a blessing.  This was the song we listened to during our attempt…

Do I Wanna Know

This is a Revenge Song. A fantasy to help soothe my abused soul. Plus, it’s quite the video.

If you’ve known me for any time, you probably know that I was attacked by a teacher and his students. I’m having a hard time letting it go, especially since they don’t seem to think they did anything wrong. I have to do something…

Yeah, stick it in your ear!

This is my fantasy…

I come across an audition looking for someone to play an older, bad-ass, sexy rocker who tempts a new, young, talented singer to “the dark side.”  Sounds fun already, doesn’t it? I should write the screenplay. Well, they’ve been having a hard time casting this role and they come to Seattle and hold auditions. We are supposed to prepare a sexy song and lip-sync it on stage.

Now, I don’t have an agent so I’m not supposed to even be at the audition. I sneak in anyway. I talk to the DJ and try to convince him to let me go up on stage anyway. He refuses. I tell him, “how about waiting to see if the other actors are getting it done. If they’re not, put me up there at the end.” In that circumstance he’s taking a chance, but it might pay off for him. He agrees.

They all get up there and play it up for all it’s worth. All of them beautiful. All of them sexy.

The DJ gives me a nod.

It’s not what they were looking for. You see what I know and what the other actors didn’t is that sexy for men can go several ways. Yes, they were all beautiful and sexy. But if that was what they were looking for, they would have found it already. They haven’t found it yet, therefore you need to think outside the box.

I get up on that stage and I don’t even lip-sync, they give me a mic. I get up there and I do “Do I Wanna Know” with everything I have. There’s no comparison. At all. I know that I have the part.

See, there is another type of sexy for men. It’s the sexy that’s dangerous. It’s the sexy that, even in the unlikely event he’s able to convince the woman to follow him home, he might not survive it.

And that’s okay.

And that’s what I went for at that audition. And I nailed it. I stared down at that teacher’s assistant who attacked me and I know that I’ve won.

It’s literally my favorite fantasy. And how “Do I Wanna Know” has stayed my favorite song for so long. Enjoy…

I hope you enjoyed the stores and the songs. Version 2 is coming soon!