Ideas and Musings

Genesis – According to Karin

In the beginning, there was God. God was all, and nothing. Infinite, and non-existent. Complete, yet barren. All that could be said about God, was not God.

Then, in a blinding flash, God became self-aware. God saw itself and could not comprehend it. Loneliness rushed in. Anger at its fate stirred. And desire to know its own self grew. In a fit of desperation, God blew itself apart into an infinite number of pieces. God watched itself expand.

At first, it was chaos, the only order was the expansion. Then, the pieces started organizing themselves. First came the separation of matter from space. Pieces started developing different qualities about them. Some burned so bright that other pieces were compelled to revolve around them. The burning pieces were drawn together to create swirling vortexes. All a part of God.

Some pieces resisted this organization, deciding instead to create their own paths, visiting different parts of the vortexes. They followed their own direction as unique and special pieces. All a part of God.

The qualities of the pieces themselves began to expand, organizing themselves, creating water, air, gases, and earth. And each of these began to expand, creating different varieties of themselves. All a part of God.

The expansion of God continued.

As the expansion continued, the pieces began organizing themselves into ever more complex pieces. They recreated patterns over and over. Patterns that pointed to the infinite from which they came, and still abide in.

Then, one of these pieces, in a blinding flash, felt a flicker of something it knew not. And life began. With life came death. Time came into existence. The duality of “us” and “them” came into existence. The urge to expand itself led to procreation as life tried to bring itself back to the infinite. On an infinite number of pieces in the vortex, pieces of God, life flourished.

As life became more complex, so did its organizing behavior, each to its own kind. They grouped together in different ways. They related to each other in different ways. The developed ways of being that could be accepted by all. These were all the animals, plants, sea creatures, insects, and viruses.

One of these beings was humanoid. As all others do, they grouped together, related to each other, and developed ways of being. They were but one being in a sea of beings.

Then, one of these humanoids, in a blinding flash, became self-aware. Some call it the “Cognitive Revolution”, other’s call it the “Tree of Knowledge.” Some see it as good, the next step. Other see it as a loss of innocence, a rejection from the Garden. It was neither, for all of it was a part of God.

Homo Sapiens saw itself and couldn’t comprehend it. Loneliness rushed in. Anger at its fate stirred. And desire to go back to God grew. In a fit of desperation, the expansion of mind began. Homo Sapiens blew themselves into an infinite number of cognitive pieces as God watched.

They struggled to find order, they struggled to find the patterns that other life forms have found, they struggled to know themselves and their place. “Us” and “Them” split apart into Friend and Enemy, Male and Female, Old and Young, Rich and Poor, Educated and Ignorant, Beautiful and Ugly, all parts of Better Than and Worse Than. All to bring order to the chaos.

As the expansion continued, there were further divisions into Loyalist and Traitor, Republican and Democrat, Religious and Infidel, Belonging and Not Belonging, Sane or Insane.

Homo Sapiens threw all of this into a pool along with Love, Hate, Anger, Fear, and Sadness. They stirred it up. They fought to make sense of it all, they fought each other. They heaped down Judgment, Shame and Blame on those different than themselves. They felt Guilt for things they did and didn’t do. They saw themselves as equal to God, and they saw themselves as the lowest being. They justified all of their actions. They became willing to kill others in the name of their beliefs, and they became willing to help many others. The contradictions were legion.

God looked at the chaos and laughed because God, God who is truly infinite, could see itself reflected in the chaos. And so, God began to know itself, just a little.

And the expansion continues….