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Exploring Men and Women in the Context of Relationships

What the hell?  Don’t you wonder where people come up with this stuff?  Well, I’ll tell you.  BG and I were riding back from the Oregon Country Fair and having a discussion about men.  Basically about how alien they actually are from us.  We thought, you know, if we could just sit them down and ask them questions, maybe we’d be able to figure shit out!  And we realized that we could do that.  And we realized that other women are probably just as mystified and would want to listen in as well.  The Exploring Men and Women in the Context of Relationships panel was born.

We started thinking of who we wanted on the panel.  We had general ideas of men who were interested in having a relationship, or who were in a relationship.  Men who would be willing to open up and have a frank discussion.  We also went on gut feeling.  There are so many great men in our community and any of them could have been asked to be on the panel.  So we came up with our initial list:

John Jorza, Dave Elvin, Thor, Reid, and Kerry.

Right away we got feedback from John saying hey!  We’re as mystified of women as you are of men, let’s have a little reciprocity.  And so the panel expanded to include:

Grace, Sherry, BG, Cat, and Soleil.

We realized that, wow, the panel is 10 people, and they are 10 people we believe others would be interested in hearing from about the subject.  A house just isn’t going to work.  So I went into left-brained event organizer mode and now we have Theater4 at TPS in the Seattle Center.  It seats 75 and if everyone donates a couple of dollars, the theater is paid for.

Of course, the idea of a formal venue is a little scary to people but it’s still a community event.  We are still running loose and easy.  Everyone chill…..

So, all of our invitees have agreed, except Thor who is out of town.  We are now considering the fifth man. It’s so hard!

Then, after a discussion with some of the women in the community.  There was interest in hearing from an already committed couple as well.  A suggestion came in to add PJ and Sky as the married couple who could also moderate.  They are in couples counseling.  We agreed and so we asked them. They are in!

We decided to ask Bruce Haedt to join us and he’s in!

There may still be a couple of changes to our list before the event. I have not received final confirmations from a couple of members, although they initially agreed. We’ll try to get that final confirmation out of them!

So now we’re putting the word out. 

Sept 27th, Sunday, 2:30-6pm, start time: 3:00, doors open at 2:30
Theater4 (room H), TPS, Center House, Seattle Center
There’s free street parking and if you come early, it’s also the Italian Festival. yum…
Suggested donation $2-$5/sliding scale. No one turned away (except for fire code reasons)
Please be there on time.

Please RSVP.  There is limited space.  Please send us an email and tell us how many in your party.

See you there!

Karin and BG

6 thoughts on “Exploring Men and Women in the Context of Relationships

  1. Just as a note all: The panel has already been sorted out. If someone drops out, we already have a “reserve” list. No one knows who’s on the list but it exists. 🙂 -Karin

  2. Hi Luna!

    It’s not really a matter of type of relationship. We’re really going for the gut level. Honesty, forgiveness, attachment, etc. How we relate to each other at a deeper level. We only have a couple of hours and it’ll be tight just doing that! 🙂

    Hope you can make it!


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