About Karin Armbrust

croppedWelcome! Let’s see… I came out to Seattle in 1996 to pursue Stand-Up Comedy.  My family just couldn’t understand how I could just load up my old Plymouth Horizon and wander out to a place I’ve never visited. Although I miss my family, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I did stand-up for a few years. Not well, but I had a good time. I’ve since morphed into acting, improvisation, writing and film-making. Or at least attempting to. I have an energy sucking job that I need to figure out how to handle.

Currently I’m taking classes at ComedySportz, Unexpected Productions, and any other place I can find them. I’m also volunteering at The Pocket Theater. I love playing with the sound board and the lights.

I’m edging my way back into performance as I try to deal with a trauma that happened many years ago. I’ll talk about that in the blog later. And I’ll share my process as it happens.

It’s an old website but…

Visit here at: http://www.comedydog.com

About this blog:  There are several types of writing here, creative and me getting riled and trying to communicate.  Enjoy!