About Karin Armbrust

Karin ArmbrustWelcome! Let’s see… I came out to Seattle to pursue Stand-Up Comedy. I did stand-up for a few years. Not well, but I had a good time. I still have my fingers in the game, taking classes at ComedySportz, Jet City and any other place I can find them. I also tell stories at The Moth and create videos.

Currently I have two objectives: 1. Get my YouTube channel up and running and 2. Find a new position at a great company. I have a lot of skills and I’m willing to learn more. My most recent position was as a manual software tester but what else can I do? I know the Microsoft Products, WordPress, Video/Audio Editing (basic), Writing, BI, CRM, some graphic design, and many other skills. I have a strong relationship with LinkedIn Learning. I’ve taken classes in automated testing but I’d prefer to use those skills as a tool for manual testing rather than being an automated tester. I have my reasons, ask me why.

About this blog:  There are several types of writing here, creative and me getting riled and trying to communicate.  Enjoy!