My Noodle

Rage and Helplessness

“It is a very terrible thing to be far smaller than one’s rage.” ― Frances Hardinge, Fly by Night They all need to be punished! A wet noodle for everyone! Including ME! I’ve pretty much lost control of my mind. The same thoughts go around and around and around. I’m going mad. Or madder than I’ve always been. I’m Angry…

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Woman climbing stairs with a box with a guy in it on her back
Adulting, Ideas and Musings

Can’t You Just Help Me?

“I just need a website. An easy one! You’re my friend! Why can’t you just help me?” Okay, so I’m still taking that NLP class, it’s still annoying me, and I just found another piece of evidence that explains some of the reasons why friends often demand actual work from each other. In the video, he said that you can…

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