Ideas and Musings

A Rabid Competence

I woke up this morning feeling great.  Fabulous.  So utterly awesome that I whipped through a third of the Microsoft C# training program, and that was after I spent time on the Liveedge Online documentation.  That’s right.  Karin, right in the Driver’s seat.  Well straddling it actually.  My ass was just not in the mood to sit still, like it has anything to do with programming….  There I was legs spread wide so tht I could still type while standing.  Banging away at the keyboard.  Running exercises.  Watching videos.  Fast forwarding the training liberally while yelling “YES!  I know this!  Tell me something I don’t know!”  And then came the gems of wisdom.  Usually about how to use the IDE Visual Studio…

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The Questions: Exploring Men and Women in the Context of Relationship

Here are the questions that were put forth by many of the participants of the event Exploring Men and Women in the Context of Relationship. It’s our hope that the dialog will continue. If you have questions to add, please use the comment function to add questions onto this list.   How do you know someone loves you?   What helps you feel safe in a relationship?   How do you know when to call it quits?   What makes for good communication and how do you embody it?   Discuss the balance of being an independent being and also being in a deep long term relationship.   What do you do when you are triggered by your partner?  …

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